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Privacy Policy


Effingham Golf Club Limited "The Club" needs to gather and use certain information about individuals.

For this purpose, individuals can include members, visitors, suppliers, business contacts, employees and other people the The Club has a relationship with or may need to contact.

This Privacy Policy describes how personal information must be collected, handled and stored to meet The Club’s data protection standards, and to comply with the law.

How The Club collects your personal information              

The Club will collect your personal information when you complete our online or paper membership application forms.

The information we collect includes your name, address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, bank details and in specific cases health information.                 

What The Club does with it         

Personal information submitted by you will be used for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy or in relevant parts of The Club's website.      

We will use your personal information to:            

  1. Administrate and manage your membership
  2. Enable your use of The Club's website
  3. Send you general Club communications
  4. Send you communications about events being held at The Club (you can inform us at any time if you no longer require such communications to be sent).
  5. Share your main and mobile telephone numbers and email address held within the private members’ secured area of The Club's website with other members
  6. Deal with enquiries and complaints made by or about you
  7. Track receipt of your e-mails sent to you or by you
  8. Share your e-mail address with specifically selected third parties to enable us to send you Pro Shop communications & certain member communications e.g. member surveys & member online voting materials.
  9. Share your details with our selected business partners including, but not limited to, cloud providers that help us store your information and IT service providers that help us with our internal IT issues

Other disclosures            

In addition to the disclosures reasonably necessary for the purposes identified elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, The Club may disclose information about you:    

  1. To the extent that it is required to do so by law
  2. In connection with any legal proceedings or prospective legal proceedings
  3. To process payment card transactions eg. day to day till transactions and Direct Debit transactions
  4. In order to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights (including providing information to others for the purposes of fraud prevention and reducing credit risk)

Except as provided in this Privacy Policy, The Club will not provide your information to third parties.         

Use of personal information by Members

Members are not permitted to use any personal information held by The Club whether or not disclosed within the private members' secure area of The Club's website for anything other than normal day to day golfing and Club social activities.  Any misuse of personal information by a member including, but not limited to, contact by email, telephone or any other method purporting to be in the name of The Club and without the consent of The Club will be construed as a breach of this Privacy Policy.

Breach of Policy

Any member of The Club or member of staff who breaches any part of this Privacy Policy will be subject to The Club's Disciplinary and Grievance procedures, and The Club does not accept any responsibility or liability for any breach by a member of The Club.

Where The Club stores your personal information

  1. Other than as set out below, the information that The Club collects from you will be stored in the UK.
  2. Any payment card transactions will be processed securely.  The suppliers that The Club uses to process payment card transactions operate in accordance with the PCI DSS industry standard payment card security process to ensure that your payments are secure.
  3. The Club will keep your information secure. Please note: where you use a password on any website or app we provide it is your responsibility to keep that password confidential.

How long The Club keeps the data

Upon resignation of membership, The Club ceases to send out any Club information other than in relation to any outstanding financial matters.   All banking information is deleted after a period of 2 months from resignation.  After 12 months from resignation The Club will delete addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.  Name, date of birth and membership category, together with join and leave dates, will be retained to assist in any potential re-joining application.

Third-party websites

The Club's website and apps may contain links to sites owned and operated by third parties. They have their own privacy policies, and we urge you to review them before browsing those sites.  The Club does not accept any responsibility or liability for the privacy practices of such third-party websites and your use of such websites is at your own risk

Your Rights

To prevent marketing to you; you have the right to ask The Club not to process your personal information for marketing purposes.  We will usually inform you (before collecting your information) if we intend to use your information for such purposes or if we intend to disclose your information to any third party for such purposes.  If you do not want us to use your information for marketing purposes please make sure that you indicate this by logging in to the members' area of The Club website and changing your contact preferences.

CCTV Policy

Camera Systems The Club Operates

The Club's CCTV system is used to capture, record and monitor images of what takes place outside our Clubhouse within The Club’s perimeter, and within the Clubhouse areas.

Depending on the type of camera, images are recorded on video tape (analogue) or as digital information. Cameras can be fixed or set to scan an area and in some circumstances they can be operated remotely.

Why The Club Operates CCTV Cameras

We operate CCTV for the following purposes:

  • Health and safety of employees, members and other members of the public
  • Prevention and detection of crime and anti-social behaviour

Length of time CCTV footage is kept

The retention period for CCTV footage is generally 28 days from the time of recording.

How to access your CCTV personal data

You can request copies of images or footage of yourself either by e-mail to: or by post to:  Effingham Golf Club, Guildford Road, Effingham, Surrey  KT24 5PZ

Disclosing personal data to the police

At our discretion, The Club may disclose personal data in response to valid requests from the police and other statutory law enforcement agencies.  Before The Club authorises any disclosure, the police have to demonstrate that the personal data is necessary to assist them in the prevention or detection of a specific crime, or in the apprehension or prosecution of an offender.  Requests from the police are dealt with on a case-by-case basis to ensure that any such disclosure is lawful in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Sharing CCTV footage with other third parties

The Club may disclose personal data to third parties, if required to by law. The Data Protection Act allows us to do this where the request is supported by:

  • evidence of the relevant legislation.
  • a court order.

External guidelines and best practice

The Club operates its CCTV systems in compliance with the CCTV Code of Practice issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office in 2008. The Code describes best practice standards which should be followed by organisations operating devices which view or record images of individuals. It also covers other information derived from those images that relates to individuals (for example vehicle registration marks).

Breach of Policy 

Any member of The Club or member of staff who breaches any part of this CCTV Policy will be subject to The Club's Disciplinary and Grievance procedures.


To prevent all contact by The Club to you; you can opt out at any time by contacting The Club by using the following details:

The General Manager

Effingham Golf Club Limited

Guildford Road



KT24 5PZ

Or e-mail

You can also opt-out of receiving any Club communication e-mails, at any time, by using the link at the bottom of such e-mails.

To request a Copy of your information

Under the Data Protection Act you can ask to see any personal information that The Club holds about you.

Such requests are called subject access requests. To make a subject access request, please contact the General Manager.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Club may occasionally update this statement. Any changes that The Club makes to our Privacy Policy in the future will be posted on this page of The Club's website, where appropriate.  Your continued use of the site will mean that you accept those revisions.

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