Effingham Golf Club

Pace of Play Guidelines

Effingham Golf Club seeks to provide members and visitors alike with a memorable golfing experience in every aspect of its offering.

Members and visitors are asked to maintain a good speed of play for the benefit of all players. Below are some ways you can help (not rocket science, but these do work).

The R&A’s guidelines

  • Keep up with the game ahead not with the game behind
  • Be ready to hit your shot as soon as it is your turn to play
  • Play a provisional if you suspect that might not find your ball
  • Walk briskly between shots
  • Make sure you line up your putts while waiting for fellow competitors to putt
  • Feel free to encourage slow playing partners to play quicker
  • A No Return is not the end of the world if you are not scoring well and holding up play.

Effingham members have offered several practical tips:

  • Players starting earliest have a key role in setting the pace of the field. If you wish to play at a more leisurely pace, book a start time at the end of the field
  • If you find that you are losing ground, call the following game through
  • Respect the guidance of the Ranger who has been tasked by Council to optimise the pace of the field. If asked to make up lost ground, please do so
  • At the Halfway House, be ready to play as soon as the game ahead is realistically beyond your range - not when they reach the 9th green
  • If you wish to linger longer at the HWH to finish your refreshments call the following game through
  • Encourage others to play their shots when they are ready, not necessarily in strict etiquette order
  • If you reach the green first, you can help others to take their shots promptly: offer to mark any impeding balls if someone is waiting to chip on; repair several pitch marks.
  • Mark your scorecard at the next tee. If it is your honour, drive then mark the scores

It’s not about running; it’s simply being ready to play promptly

15 seconds saved on each shot saves ~20 minutes over a round

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